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world most mysterious books

world most mysterious books

 Hello friends, welcome to this channel.  Friends have given history to human civilization some of the books that show us the way today.  Let us keep these books as holy books.  These books can also be said to be a way of survival for people of different races and religions.  These books usually contain knowledge and advice.  But in addition to these books, there are some books in the world that are considered very mysterious.  There is some information in these books that we ordinary people do not know that will be good for us.


 This book is also known as Devils Bible.  This book is believed to have been written in the thirteenth century.  One man was executed today by the Czech Republic and then by the king of Bohemia for some wrongdoing.  But before the execution, the man said that if the execution was not carried out, he would write a book that would benefit their kingdom, and the king would give it a day.  Then the king gave him all the material to write a book but still it is impossible to write a book in one night.  The man then called a demon named Lucifer by mantra and said that the man would give his soul to him.  And it is thought that the devil helped him write this book one night.  The book was 36 inches long, twenty inches wide and 8.5 inches thick.  It had 320 pages at the beginning.  It was made with different animal skins.  It weighed approximately 90 kg.  This book is one of the largest examples of medieval manuscripts.  There are many biblical instructions written in this book but after turning some pages of the book a 19 inch picture of the devil has been drawn.  Here Satan is shown in one of his forms.  Then on some pages many strange writings have been found through which the devil can be contacted.  It is believed that this book contains some mantras about the relationship with Satan that people do not know about.  Initially this text had 320 key pages but now there are no 10 pages from there.  The mystery is who removed those ten pages or why they removed them. Was there anything in those ten pages that was not brought before the people?  It is very difficult to get this book easily but at present only 30 copies of this book can be bought on the dark web.  But his original copy is kept in the library of the Czech Republic, which is still being researched.  He has also made a documentary on National geography where a lot has been said about it in detail.



 This book is known as the book of death.  It is thought to be a very mysterious book whose history is still inaccurate.  But it is believed that this book contains many magic spells and spells to communicate with spirits.  This book is written in a secret code, each code is kept in a separate section.  To date, no one has been able to resolve these codes.  But it is thought that in 1552 the book was in the possession of a man named John dee.  Who first tried to decode this book.  About 40,000 words are strangely written in this book. When John Dee starts decoding this book, he realizes that the book is full of magic spells.  But decoding some parts of this book took his whole life.  No trace of this book was found after he died.  This book was declared lost.  But in 1990, the book was suddenly found in a corner of the British library.  Just then another copy of the book was strangely found in a corner of the Oxford library.  According to the owners of the two places, the book was not there before.  Today these books are in that library and even today no one has been able to decode those books.



 The book was written by a man who was thought to be possessed by a spirit.  This book was written in the early 1500s.  There are many mantras in this book that are very well written about black magic and communication with spirits.  And this book is clearly written about how devils sacrifice people.  It is believed that anyone who reads this book completely falls prey to the devil.  In other words, whoever reads this book gets brainwashed.  So it was decided that this book would be hidden somewhere far away from people, so many mantras were recited in Vatican City and kept in a secret place.


 Books play an important role in our lives.  Some of the books we talked about were written to give people some demonic power so it is wise to stay away from these books.  If you were given the opportunity to read such a mysterious book, would you dare to read it?  Let us know your answer through the comment box.  See you again with a new article.


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