Saturday, March 13, 2021

100-Year-Old Photos of the Most Beautiful Women of the Last Century

1. Gypsy Girl With Mandolin , Esmeralda Of The 20th Century

2. Agnes Ayres , A Silent Film Era Star

3. Doris Stocker , An Indian Born English Actress And Music Hall Artist Of The 1900's

4. Queen Of Romania , The Last Queen Of Romania ,Very Popular Among Her Own People And Worldwide

5. Anna May Wong , The First Chinese American Hollywood Movie Star

6.Gabrielle Ray , Consider One Of The Most Photographed Women In The World , She Was Truly A Beauty To Be Captured

7. Valli '' Valli'' Knust , A music And Silent Film Actress Descending From An Old English Family

8. Mary Pickford  , ''America's Sweetheart ''  And  '' The Girl With The Curls,''  She Was A Canadian-Born Film Actress And Her Real Name Was Gladys Louise Smith

9.Anna Pavlova , A Russian Prima Ballerina Of The Renowned  Imperial Russian Ballet

10. Jean Aylwin  , A Successful Comedy Actress Of The Edwardian Era

11. Luzon Woman Of The Philippines , Breathtaking Proof Of The Simple Fact That You Don't Need A Nikon And Urban Decay To Create A MasterPiece  Shot

12. Lily Elsie , An English Actress And Singer Of The Edwardian Era

13.Grand Duchess Olga , The Eldest Daughter Of The Last Russian Tsar , Nicholas ll , Whose Whole Family Was Slaughtered By The Bolsheviks In Yekaterinburg, Russia 

14. Rita Martin , A Suffragist And A Photographer Who Also Deserved To Be Photographed As Much As Possible 

15. Maude Fealy , An American Stage And Silent Film Actress Who Also Lived Thorough The Talking Movie Age

16. Carolina Otero , Known As " La Belle " , Carolina Was A French Dancer And Singer Who Was Hugely Popular Among The Royalty Of Many Countries

17. Maude Adams , An American Actress Who Achieved Fame By Playing The Role Of Peter Pen In a Broadway Production 

18. Cleo DE Merode , A French Dancer Who Won The "Queen Of Beauty " Award In The First Ever "Top Beautiful Woman" Contest Organized By Illustration Magazine in 1896

19.Lina Cavalieri , A Famous Italian Opera Singer Whose Image And Hourglass Figure Could Be Seen Everywhere From Soap Packaging To Postcards

20.Ione Bright, A Minor Broadway Actress With A Major Otherworldly Beauty