Friday, April 2, 2021

Rare Historical Photos- Must See Before You Die

Usually, when you read a history article or story, it's mostly just dry facts and your imagination. But an amazing photo gives something a bit different. It shows you how it all actually looked, letting you understand the historical moment more intimately. Whether it would be a historical landmark, a famous person or random old pictures of the past - they all have fascinating stories behind them, and we're just about to show you.

1.A Priest Praying Over The Victims Of The Titanic(1912)

2.The First " The Apple" ,India First Satellite Being Transported Manually.

3.Filming Of The MGM Opening Credits (1928)

4.Hitler and Speer Were Mesmerized by the Schwerer Gustav, One of the Largest Piece of Artillery Ever used in combat (1941)

5.The Only Female in History To Strike Out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. You Go Jackie Mitchell!(1931)

6.circumcision was used by Pakistani soldiers to identify Hindu's during Bangladesh's war of independence (1971).

7.A Sikh soldier of the British Indian army fits a gas mask to a mule (circa1939-1945).

8.You won't see this at the zoo anymore: The only known photo of a living Quagga at the London zoo (1870).

9.Known as little nap , the "Napoleon of the chimpanzee world", this chimp become a popular tourist attraction (1915).

10.Racing cars on the roof of the fiat factory in Turin, Italy (1923).

11.Elephant's know how to have fun. Just ask Queenie, the first one to water surf (circa 1950).

12.Back in 1956, a panam plane was needed to transport a 5 MB hard drive.

13.Fishing buddies che Guevara and Fidel Castro (1960).

14.The 1937 "walking machine" tested wear on shoes(1937).

15.The first international match at Wimbledon in (1883).

16. Police chasing skinny dippers.

17. The only known photo of Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address. John wilkes Booth can actually be seen in the center of the top row of the top platform (March 4,1865).

18. Queen Elizabeth ll fires a British L85 battle rifle (1993).

19.The glasses John Lennon wore when he was assassinated (1980).

20. The first Black Biker's club around 1960s in Oakland California, the East Bay Dragons.

21.Anne Frank's Father Otto , revisiting the attic where they hid from the Nazis. He only survivor(1960).

22.A well- dressed beggar running alongside king George V's Coach (1920).

23. An Actor's portrayal of President John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe's rumored affair. This photo was taken by photographer Alison Jackson to portray what may have taken place the night Marilyn Monroe performed at JFK'S 45th birthday at Madison square garden.

24. The real Life Christopher Robin and Winnie the pooh (1928).

25. The Very first individual to be captured on film.Bet Hannah Stiley Wishes she smiled a little.